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The Neapolitan band, able to amuse and excite you, will drag you on an intense musical journey between Italy and America: from the swing of the 1930s to pop songs of the international scene

We like to take care of every detail of an event. In the case of weddings, one of the most important moment in life, nothing should be left to chance. Music during a wedding (from swing to jazz, to international pop music, bossanova to the classics of the Italian tradition) is essential to make the atmosphere of your personal and exciting story unforgettable.

During a wedding, for us, it is essential to accompany all the moments with our music. We are professional musicians, we have professional equipment and audio service. By relying on our experience, you can serenely live your wedding with our discreet but present background when necessary.

We love to personalize each event and tell your story through the melodies that characterized it. At the first meeting, we listen and we are passionate about your stories and then create the soundtrack of your wedding, reviving the most exciting moments like in a romantic film.


Brand New Swing band

The band with “brand new” jazz sounds (Donna Moderna magazine) was born in 2014 when a group of friends, all students of jazz music in the Conservatory, “simply” decided to meet a little more often to play together.

The project matures, grows and start proposing a repertoire that traces the great classics of swing music and jazz standards, up to modern pop songs revisited in a vintage key.

«We all come from different backgrounds but we are united by a passion for music and the desire to make our music suitable in any context».

The intent is clear from the name because “brand new” literally means “brand new” while “swing” refers to the songs of the repertoire of the classic standards. Different genres but, of course, always suitable for the context because, in every event, music really makes the difference and for this reason it is essential to adapt it to the occasion, to the tastes of the listener and also to the location.

The band is made up of musicians who have experience in numerous events and ceremonies, live concerts as well as some of the most important collaborations in the wedding sector (Elisa Mocci Events, FixTheMusic, Scarlett Entertainment, Katrine Kierkegaard – Groups & Events, Suita Carrano Bonadies WP, Vittoria Belmonte WP, Olga Raskauskiene Olga Studio, Buy Wedding in Italy)


«Our “standard” repertoire is now ultra tested but we always keep up with the times by continually adding modern songs (which we listen and we like or that someone asks us to insert in the lineup of an event and which we choose to” keep “) always reinterpreted in the name of what the group’s characteristic style is »

The band tries to re-read the standard sounds enriching them with contemporary details by proposing a wide and varied repertoire capable of adapting to different types of audiences and events ranging from the swing of the 1930s and the great classics of the American songbook (Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong) to the pop songs of the international scene, up to the classics of the Italian tradition (Mina, Fred Buscaglione, Renato Carosone, Gino Paoli), bossanova and Portuguese.

«We bring our sounds but, as regards the lineup of the day, the goal is to personalize it as much as possible without neglecting any detail and listening to the wishes of the spouses because the direct human relationship is very important for us and allows us to insert songs that have a meaning for you, making the day even more special ».



Brand New Swing adapts to your preferences and the needs of the place and event, easily going from a reduced to an extended training, hosting other musicians, offering complete coordination of musical entertainment, with the support of sound technicians and amplification systems in the different areas where the reception will take place.

They are available in duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, instrumental formations or in other extended formations depending on the lineup, the sound required and the type of event.

  • Piano e voce
  • Chitarra e voce
  • Piano, voce e batteria
  • Piano, voce e sax
  • Chitarra, voce e contrabbasso
  • Chitarra, voce e sax
  • Chitarra, voce e batteria
  • Piano, batteria e sax
  • Piano, contrabbasso e sax
  • Chitarra, contrabbasso e sax
  • Piano, voce, batteria e sax
  • Piano, voce, batteria e contrabbasso
  • Piano, contrabbasso, batteria e sax
  • Piano, voce, batteria, contrabbasso e sax
  • Piano, voce, batteria, chitarra e sax
  • Piano, voce, batteria, contrabbasso, sax e chitarra
  • Quintetto o sestetto con aggiunta di altro strumento
  • Violino solo
  • Organo e violino
  • Organo, violino e voce soprano
  • Organo, violino, voce soprano e arpa
  • Quartetto d’archi
  • Altre formazioni
  • Dj set (impianto audio / luci autonomo)

About Us


In the case of weddings, the New Swing Brands accompany all stages of the event, from the aperitif to the cutting of the cake, changing the training according to the moment.

«Our aim is to create, also from a musical point of view, different moments from each other. For this reason we normally start in a soft way accompanying the aperitif with a single musician to whom, slowly, they join the others creating a crescendo, beautiful to see and hear, which allows us to explore genres that are also very different from each other ».


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